Monday, May 12, 2008

How I plan my wedding

Nate and I are engaged! It's amazing how quickly you have to start talking about all of the details - it only happened last Thursday and already we're picking a date.

What do you eat at a backyard wedding reception in March? Mind you, this will be in Phoenix, not San Francisco, so the weather will be balmy.

I suggested grilled steaks, but Nate feels that a barbecue is either too bo-ring, or too tacky. So maybe...?

I'm at a bit of a loss. Any comments are appreciated.

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teal said...


how exciting!

i'm in a wedding this summer of two great friends of mine and they are having it outside near the russian river. they have decided to to 'home grown' as their theme for food. so, are chefs....which makes it all a bit easier...but, they have a friend who is making bacon to wrap around some locally caught fish. I grew carrots and onions that they started pickling last year. The bride preserved some fruit from her garden from last summer and they are having the cake made from that. the husband started making beer for the wedding last summer.....ohhh, it's going to be yummy!

i think that as long as it's a bbq with something more special and with more thought put into to it than the average bbq that it would in no way be tacky or boring.