Sunday, August 23, 2015

One down, 198 more to go.

On Friday I made my first incision. I was absolutely terrified leading up to Anatomy lab, terrified that I would faint or do something stupid or realize that I was in the wrong place and that I shouldn't have spent the last four years (10, 20?) of my life on this path. And up until the moment that I picked up the scalpel I felt lightheaded and worried. And then I made that cut and realized that I was in exactly the right place.

What an amazing gift we have all been given, to study the body in sickness and health, life and death. I will try not to forget how lucky I am, even when I am exhausted and frustrated and confused over the next four years. I am resurrecting this blog and keeping the name, because while I used to plan my day around cooking and eating, now I have 18 hours per day to cram as much information as possible into my head. And that's going to take some planning. So here's to surviving the first week, and looking forward to the next 198.