Monday, July 23, 2007

Marathon day approaches, and we cower in fear.

The San Francisco Marathon is July 29th, and I'm registered for the race. Finally, after six months of training and three months of injuries, I feel like I might be able to attempt this thing. My goal for the race is to finish before the course closes. And to be lucid enough post-race to enjoy a nice cold beer.

Speaking of which, Kara and I nearly had beer and cookies for dinner last night. After another long baking experiment that resulted in anticlimactic gingersnaps, we were too tired and full to contemplate dinner. Until 9pm, while watching Bridezillas!, when the Sam Adam's Summer Ale in our glasses awakened something resembling hunger. Tuna salad on toast to the rescue! Oh, to be 22 again.


Kara said...

O, to be 22 indeed, although I'm in far better shape for the marathon now than I would have been then. P.S., they weren't ginger snaps, they were molasses ginger cookies. You're off PR! Bert does PR. Ernie has the Brilliant Ideas.

Michelle said...

Actually, so far Bert does PR and has the Brilliant Ideas. Ernie mostly makes the cookies too big.