Friday, July 20, 2007

How harebrained schemes begin, or Why my job blows

Two days ago, feeling particularly sickened by a deadly combination of florescent lights and rude, presumptuous clients, I sent Kara and Nate a craigslist "For Sale" posting. A mixed use building, two flats above, and a commercial space below. Perfect for living in and starting, say, a bakery. That produces primarily strawberry cupcakes.

Kara and Nate, being wise and practical, pointed out that large real-estate purchases should not coincide with going back to school. And, although it is nice to dream about becoming known for the best strawberry cupcake in the whole world, and getting rich, fat, and happy off of that, I think nursing skills are the more practical thing to acquire.

But then, I happened on an idea that really took my mind off of my reports and computer and complain-y messages: a cupcake catering business! Kara is on board, but pointed out that to make only cupcakes would be "very 90's", so we will make other desserts, too. And so the dessert trials begin. We made macaroons on Tuesday, and now I have a cookie jar full of chocolate-covered crack in the fridge. Really. They are that good. Anyone need dessert?


Kara said...

Buttercakes with strawberry frosting, dark-chocolate-covered mini macaroons, ginger molasses cookies... even Bulgarian banichki! This is no harebrained scheme so far. This is genius, my friend. Pure, unadulterated genius.

Pat said...

another combo i have always wanted to try; two rich shortbread cookies, sugared on top with mascarpone cheese mixed with a little lemon and sugar, sandwiched in between the shortbreads. that cookie needs a name!