Thursday, April 12, 2007

the red pearl

Last night, at the Elbo Room, I had a Pearl Pomegranate Lemonade. Sounds delicious. I like Pearl Pomegranate vodka (more than I like ordinary vodka, which is not very much). I like lemonade. I think that I would like pomegranate lemonade, if I had it. But this drink...not so much. Too sweet. And I'm pretty sure it was all vodka. Which led to a Jaeger shot, somehow. Eww.

All of the above led to one of my favorite things, which is the I-stayed-out-too-late-and-need-something-heartier-to-eat-than-a-bagel breakfast. A bacon, egg and cheese sandwich from Specialty's bakery, to be precise. With an iced latte. The kind of indulgent breakfast I can only justify after a night out. So happy now, and full of many, many crispy pieces of bacon. They must be from a special supplier of non-organic, unhealthy meat products, because they are unnaturally thin and crispy. But they are delicious.

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