Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How I plan my day.

As anyone who has ever visited me can attest, I plan my day around where I will eat. I live in San Francisco, where it is easy to eat good food all of the time, and so I have come to expect that I can have a wonderful meal every time I sit down at a table. But sometimes, wonderful meals happen on a couch, not at a table.

On Monday night, my boyfriend was nice enough to break our no-eating-out-so-that-we-can-lose-weight-and-save-money rule to pick up Manora's on the way home. Manora's makes wonderful comfort food (specifically their pad thai or red curry shrimp). Sweet, tangy, salty, savory: like the Girls Next Door (a comfort TV show). We were lucky enough to discover it while living in SOMA, and although we are farther away now, we still make the pilgrimage about once a month.


Nate said...

hello...? what about a name? a shoutout? no?

Kara said...

hura! looking forward to reading about the all food i am eating (with you).