Tuesday, April 22, 2008

199 miles, 33 hours, no sleep

I did The Relay this weekend with 11 random people. We were trapped in a van for two days, running, eating, and not really sleeping. It's amazing what your body can do if you push it.

The following times are approximate:

12pm: cheeseburger and half a beer.

4pm: ran my first 5.5 mile leg. The wind was blowing so hard that it added 30 seconds to my pace and I felt like I was running backwards.

9pm: ate a roast beef sandwich for the first time ever and washed it down with tortellini soup and a chocolate Interlude (thanks Mac). Slept on the bench of a van for 1.5 hours, then woke up and brushed my teeth.

4am: ran 6.4 miles in the dark. Nearly hyperventilated from fear. Back on pace though, running away from imagined bad guys.

8am: half a Jimmy Dean sausage and egg sandwich, a blueberry bagel with cream cheese, apple juice, and a hard boiled egg (eaten whole on a dare from Alek). Slept 2 hours on a mat on a cold gym floor.

2pm: ran 6.2 miles on Highway 9 through little towns like Ben Lemond. Had some energy to sprint to my last handoff (I'll give the egg credit for that).

7pm: ate 2.5 tacos and half a plate of nachos at Las Palmas in Santa Cruz, washed down with a Pacifico.

9pm: nearly fell asleep on the way home to SF. Thanks for picking us up, Nate!


teal said...

this was such a great time and i'm so happy that you were part of the team!

great documentation of the event...makes me nostalgic already! the funniest part to me was our insanely large breakfast on Sunday :)

hope to see you again soon,

Vivek Kumar said...

The relay sure was great. I ran leg#10 with Yo... Taxi and just wrote my blog as well - which leg did you run.

Michelle said...

I was leg #9 - an easier leg, but pretty long (18.2 total, I think). Your van rocked it!