Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Food for giants.

A brief note on the gluttony of Super Bowl Sunday.

Kara and Josh arrived. We threw some celery into the blender to make Southern Exposures. Nate found the recipe in the Chronicle on Friday, courtesy of Daniel Hyatt of Alembic. They were...weird. It was hard to find the right balance between gin and celery juice and they wound up a little...thick? But interesting and maybe even refreshing, if you had only one.

We also consumed a large quantity of chili with Casa Sanchez's organic tortilla chips. Before you think this is a shameless plug for all things organic, know that their organic chips are infinitesimally better than the non-organic ones. The chili was from the day before, and invovled black beans, pork, chipotle peppers and beer. I added some cheese to make it more dip-like. I also smashed a couple of avocados with Papalote's famous salsa. We made quick work of that.

After Nate and Kara moved on to the game, and Josh and I moved onto beer, we put some chicken wings in the oven. And then had the brilliant idea to start some spareribs, so that they would be ready in time for House.

The Giants, as we all know, prevailed, and we ate enough food for both teams. We ate all of the wings and most of the ribs, and somewhere around 8pm I thought we needed a snack of nachos composed of chicken and chili and cheese. I ate most of those myself.

And that, my friends, is gluttony at its finest. The game was pretty interesting too, I hear.


Kara said...

Infinitesimally better, or *infinitely* better? Sorry, it's the English instructor in me.

Michelle said...

Yes, English instructor, you are correct. They are infinitely better.

Wouldn't be worth mentioning if they were only infinitesimally better, I suppose.

nate said...

the spare ribs rocked! must have more ribs